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Re: Blackburnian Warbler : Poinsettia Park Carlsbad : 14 JAN 2023

Re: Blackburnian Warbler : Poinsettia Park Carlsbad : 14 JAN 2023
By {authorlink} – 2:13 pm

Following up from this morning, the BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER (BLBW) was seen this morning 14 JAN 2023 at the following location.

It was seen on both sides of street and near the SE corner of the dog park, which recently opened. As some may remember, I found a BLBW at this park this past April 12th. Based on length observations before departure (7 days) and apparent age of bird (second year), Paul Lehman and Jim Pike, respectively; both believed that most likely the bird wintered in the area. Given that this bird was foraging within 20 yards of location range observed for the spring bird and the rareness of this species in winter, it is almost certainly the same bird. The 14 JAN date is solidly in winter range. There are not many BLBW in the United States in winter. There is only one other BLBW accepted in Ebird in the last month (in Oregon) in the entire U.S. Closet cluster of birds in Ebird is in Costa Rica. Photos of the bird is the following ebird report. I also had a SUMMER TANAGER and continuing WHITE-WINGED DOVE at the park this morning.

Tito Gonzalez
Carlsbad, CA