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Re: [birdingSanDiego] Bird illness at my house

Re: [birdingSanDiego] Bird illness at my house
By – 10:47 am

Update. I found some current information on Cornell’s All About
Birds site that indicates song birds are at very low risk of
contracting and transmitting bird flu. It just occurred to me that
my sick birds could possibly have ingested something toxic. Since
there was more than one sick bird, I’m going to play it safe and
leave my feeders down for a week, and then see what happens when I
put them back up. Here is the info I found. So far they have not
found any Finches with bird flu.

There is currently very low risk of an
outbreak among wild songbirds, and no official
recommendation to take down feeders unless you also keep domestic
poultry, according to
the National Wildlife Disease Program. We do always recommend that
you clean bird feeders and birdbaths regularly as a way to keep many
kinds of diseases at bay.

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs