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Re: American Tree Sparrow, Morley Field – more info

7:50 pm


Since I have time to do this right now and most people don’t, I’ll
try and help those who may try for the American Tree Sparrow

When I was there the bird moved around a fair amount in the general
area of Justyn’s coordinates. It was on the ground and then in trees
and then eventually it went to the ground to forage and stayed there
for a good amount of time. Looking at my photos it looks like that
was between about 10:20 and 11:40 a.m. At that point it was with two
Lark Sparrows. I think before that it may have been with some
Chipping Sparrows, Not sure if that was a mixed flock with the Lark

The area where we had it for the longest was near three trees that
are standing in a row. It moved around between an area that is more
weedy and an area that is more green grass. Two of the trees are
quite small, the third was a smallish Sycamore. These coordinates
are for one of the spots where I was standing while watching and
photographing it.  Looking at the map, it appears we were looking
north and maybe a little east from this spot:


It eventually left the ground and went into the smallish Sycamore
and sat up there preening for a while. Then it flew off and went
further to the east or northeast, maybe into another tree. Not sure,
but I think it stayed in the area.

It can be a little hard to spot when on the ground, especially when
in the weeds or taller grass. If it sticks with the Lark Sparrows
they are easier to see.

Check the photos people have posted. This bird is not particularly
red in areas where Field Guides and Internet photos show them to be
quite red.  It’s more of a reddish brown, but it has all of the
field marks. Face has a lot of gray and it has a reddish-brown
streak behind the eye, dark spot low on the chest (hard to see most
of the time), bi-colored bill (lower portion yellow, upper dark
gray/black), reddish brown on the crown but it isn’t solid, streaky
back, unmarked chest and belly other than the single spot.

Good luck!


On 11/23/2023 9:21 AM, Justyn Stahl