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Re: a little Louisiana Waterthrush info

5:55 pm

A bit of clarification to aid (hopefully) relocating the Louisiana Waterthrush tomorrow.

First, as a reminder, there is minimal cell coverage here. I was able to get one bar in the parking lot, but not where the bird was. Consider downloading an offline map or this email if needed.
Second, the parking lot there at Santa Ysabel Preserve East does not open until 8am. There is no roadside parking, so I wouldn’t plan on being there much before 8am tomorrow. The gate is unlocked/locked by a ranger, and closes each day at sunset, which is 4:50pm tomorrow. He was there when I was leaving at 3pm or so, and confirmed that was the case. Plenty of parking, I’d guess 30 or more cars can fit there without issue (not an issue today!).
Third, the bird (this afternoon at 2:30pm) was about 0.25 mi walking, from the parking lot. The bird had moved something like 300 feet downstream from where it was first seen. Where I last saw it was about here (33.11775, -116.60471), and it was walking downstream. Obviously a bit flighty with the group of 15 people or so there, and I think staying up out of the actual creek bottom may give the bird enough space to move more naturally up and down the stream bank as it was later in the afternoon. To get to the best (?) viewing spot, leave the parking lot, follow the trail about 800 ft to the stream crossing, the tiny wooden footbridge is to the left (apparently obscured enough that some people just walked through the stream), and continue down the trail another 200 ft. At about here (33.11834, -116.60497) there is a downed stick/barbed wire fence gate on the left, a bunch of broken sticks, and someone wrote BIRD in the dirt trail. Go through the downed gate and continue maybe another 200 ft. until you find a gap in the trees/blackberries to see down into the stream bed. The bird was up and downstream (last down) from that point, and with a large crowd in the dry leaf litter, it was going well up into the trees, but when the group quieted it down it flew back down to the water. 
Excellent find by Steve Lima: the county’s second, and the 24th for the state.
Personal thanks to the group already on the bird when I arrived! 
Justyn Stahl
North Park