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Rangeland Road Golden Eagle

Rangeland Road Golden Eagle
By {authorlink} – 2:00 pm

Hello SD birders
A pleasant drive to Rangeland Road northwest of Ramona yesterday (Nov. 11) yielded long scope views of an immature Golden Eagle, perched on one of the kopjes that are featured in the grassland area, chowing down on some hapless critter. After completing its meal, the Eagle flew off to the north, accompanied by a Red-tailed Hawk. The Redtail clearly emphasized the size difference between the species. The Eagle sported a broad white band at the tail base, indicating it’s immature status.
My wife Susan, who first spotted the bird, and I were thrilled at seeing a Golden Eagle in San Diego County for the first time in years. We didn’t have any luck seeing any Ferruginous Hawks yesterday.

Michael Martin
Oceanside, CA