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Rancho Santa Fe area Christmas Bird Count preliminary highlights 1-5-24

9:55 am

Thanks to all who participated in and contributed to a very successful Rancho Santa Fe area Christmas Bird Count yesterday (5 Jan 2024).  Several groups are yet to report in, but at this point 197 species have been reported (average 174 species, range 145-202).  I apologize for any omissions or mistakes, particularly in the case if I missed multiple observers or misspelled names, but highlights included snow geese and Ross’ geese in San Dieguito River Valley reported by Phil Unitt, Paul Lehman and others; cackling goose and least bittern at San Dieguito Reservoir reported by Gjon Hazard, male Eurasian wigeon at San Elijo Lagoon reported by Brennan Mulrooney and others, hooded mergansers at Rancho Sta Fe Executive Golf Course and in West Penasquitos Canyon reported by Sean Buchanan, Peter Ginsburg, and Chris Staurovsky; common goldeneye at Lake Miramar reported by Bruce Rideout; sooty shearwater off Cardiff reported by Paul Lehman; ashy-storm-petrel, manx shearwater, northern fulmar, Cassin’s and rhinoceros auklets offshore of Torrey Pines reported by Stan Walens; reddish egret at San Dieguito lagoon reported by Dan King and Kevin Pickard; little blue heron off San Elijo nature center reported by Emmy Garnica, Kathy Knight, Thomas Myers, and others; yellow-crowned night-herons at Del Mar Public Works and off San Elijo Nature Center reported by Joni Ciarletta, Gail DeLalla, Judy Doebke, Denise Riddle, Kevin Pickard, Brennan Mulrooney, Emmy Garnica, Kathy Knight, and others; zone-tailed hawk over east Lake Hodges reported by Lisa Ruby, Tracy Henchbarger, and Jim Pea; red phalaropes offshore of Torrey Pines and Cardiff reported by Stan Walens and Matt Sadowski, pomarine jaeger by Stan and Paul, parasitic jaeger by Stan, Paul, and Matt, alcid sp. By Matt; glaucous-winged gull at Lake Miramar and Torrey Pines reported by Bruce Rideout and Sean Buchanan, red-naped sapsucker at Rancho Bernardo Community Park by Chris Adler, red-breasted sapsucker in Harmony Grove reported by Maryanne Bache, Kathy Aldern, Jane Mygatt, and others; gray flycatchers in Olivenhain and San Dieguito River Valley reported by Betsy Miller and Phil Unitt; vermilion flycatchers in San Dieguito River Valley reported by Phul Unitt; plumbeous and Cassin’s vireos and Wilson’s warbler along Escondido Cr reported by Matt Sadowski; possible rough-winged swallows at San Elijo reported by Geoff Veith, barn swallows at Del Dios and San Dieguito Reservoir reported by Jeanie Anderson, Aaron Polichar, Brian Caldwell, and Gjon Hazard, mountain chickadees at San Diego Botanic Gardens, Harmony Grove, and Rancho Bernardo reported by Sue Smith and group, Maryanne Bache and group, Tim Burr, and Paul Chad; red-breasted nuthatches reported throughout the area by multiple groups, canyon wren and Bell’s sparrow at Del Dios Highlands by Lea Squires, yellow warbler at Torrey Hills Park reported by Debbie Regottaz; black-and-white warblers along Crest Dr and at San Elijo reported by Steve Cameron and Robert Patton; Nashville warbler in Mira Mesa, black-throated gray warbler in Sorrento Valley, and Blackburnian warbler in Carmel Valley reported by Paul Lehman; Grace’s warbler and hermit warbler along Crest Dr Encinitas by Sue Smith, Jeff Clingan, Rita Campbell, Rich and Sue Hutto; black-headed grosbeak in Poway reported by Kirsten Winter and Jack Daynes, green-tailed towhee east Lake Hodges reported by Lisa Ruby, summer tanager and Bullock’s oriole at Rancho Sta Fe Executive Golf Course reported by Peter Ginsburg; western tanagers at San Diego Botanic Garden, Cardiff, and Poway by Sue Smith and group, Paul Lehman, Kirsten Winter and Jack Daynes; hepatic tanager on private property in Del Mar reported by Robert Patton, purple finch at Felicita Park reported by Nancy Christensen, pine siskins reported in Carmel Valley and Rancho Bernardo by Max Leibowitz and Allen Bond, red crossbills in Carmel Valley and along Escondido Cr reported by Dan King and Matt Sadowski, and Swinhoe’s white-eyes reported by multiple groups.
Robert Patton
San Diego, CA