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Rancho Cuyamaca SP Dusky Flycatchers and more

Today I walked up Cuyamaca Peak starting about 8:00 this morning. There were two Dusky Flycatchers calling, one just down from Cuyamaca Peak and another about 200 yards north of Lookout Road along Conejo Trail. The lower part of this trail is pretty rough, I’d recommend birding the first quarter mile or so and turning back to the Lookout Road after the pines thin out. Also seem today were Olive-sided, Ash-throated, Western Wood Pewees, and a probable Willow Flycatcher along the riparian part of the Azalea Glen Loop Trail.

A tanager that looked very orange and sounded like a Summer Tanager flew over the pines of the Conejo Trail. This is about two miles from where Terry Hurst saw one last week, possibly the same bird is still around.

A nice day today, but warming up soon.

Dan Jehl
San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports