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Purple Martins; season totals Solitary, Baird's, White-winged

This morning, 6 Sep, there was a flock of 6 Purple Martins (incl. 1 adult male) feeding over the main Dairy Mart Pond in the TRV, where I also finally heard my first Least Bittern there in over 8 months.

I tried to figure out this year's "fall" totals to date in the county for three species turning up in above-average numbers:

Baird's Sandpiper: total 22+ in coastal zone (plus 2-3 at Borrego) since early August, which is high, but county-wide total not high due to low numbers/limited habitat at typical inland strongholds of Lake Henshaw and formerly Lake Hodges

Solitary Sandpiper: total 16 county-wide since late July may be close to a record

White-winged Dove: total 19 west of mountains since early August on its way to becoming a record (the published record is 22 birds in entire fall 1982)

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports