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Pt Loma Silvergate

I went over to Pt Loma to look for the male summer Tanager this morning between 8 AM and 9:30 AM.  There was some kind of largeish long tailed (stiff tailed) corvid or parrot species in the trees near Pio Pico and Silvergate on the NE corner.  It was making an odd sound and it was pretty big.  Almost looked like a macaw but was not making sounds like that.  I could not get a good look at it at all so I don't really know what it was.  It flew off and I saw it was large, larger than a scrub jay and with a long, stiff tail.

On Pio Pico between Silvergate and Catalina is where most of the bird activity was.  There was a flock of Hooded Orioles and Western Tanagers going up and down the street.  Parakeets were flyiing in and out periodically as well.
I never saw anything like a Summer Tanager, and all the Westerns I saw were either immature or females.  There were a LOT more orioles than tanagers.  There were still several adult male Hooded Orioles around.
-Roger Uzun

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports