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Prothonotary Warbler, 9/18, Lake Murray

2:27 pm

MIA for now but started in Brazilian peppers here:
32.7982983, -117.0373518
Last seen here:
32.7976236, -117.0374970
May have moved here but not sure:
32.7971470, -117.0374212
Basically the same m.o. as the White-eyed Vireo (which is still present). Closest parking at Jackson and Lake Shore. Walk west on Jackson then south on the dirt maintenance road.
It was chipping initially, similar to an Orange-crowned Warbler, but more metallic.
Stay off the narrow strip of golf green along the main concrete drainage and don’t use the two wooden bridges to cross the drainage if there are golfers (this is where the balls fly and there was constant golf traffic today for some reason).
I spent quite a bit of time waiting around for it to reappear but between two Cooper’s Hawks and constant golfers limiting my ability to move between pepper patches I never refound it. Some very poor photos in eBird later.
Matt Sadowski