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Poway yellow billed cuckoo continues… sort of!

8:42 am

Wednesday morning the Poway yellow billed cuckoo finally made an appearance for fewer than 10 minutes starting at 7:38, but it was a bit farther north than usual, basically starting at the north end of where people have been seeing it the past couple days but then going another hundred feet or more to the north of that into an area of thicker sycamore, oak, and willow where it’s just almost impossible to see in. In sum, I probably saw 25% of the bird in three views! And that was better than most. Although one other person saw it in full view for about 1 and 1/2 seconds. Perhaps this thicker area even farther to the north is where it spends a bunch of time when people can’t find it for hours on end in the “usual” stretch.

Paul Lehman, San Diego