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Possible Swamp Sparrow at Famosa Slough

Possible Swamp Sparrow at Famosa Slough
By {authorlink} – 1:02 pm

I have been watching a sparrow for some time that I’m fairly certain is a swamp sparrow (1130 when I first heard it to ~1230 when I had to stop). Located in the bench area under the trees by the water (32.75028° N, 117.22931° W) directly down from Temecula St. The bird has been spending its time low in the bushes south of the bench area rarely going higher than a foot or two above the ground. It has a white patch under its bill, a gray and streakless breast, a darker line behind its eye, a rounded tail and a lighter mandible. Some reddish on wing. I have plenty of crummy photos to look over, too, to see if any are helpful enough to add to checklist.

-Ian Swirka