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Possible Pacific Wren and other North County Odds and Ends (11/17 & 11/18)

Hi Birders, 

On Tuesday (11/17), I stopped at the I-5 Southbound Aliso Creek Rest Area (Camp Pendleton area) where a Slate-colored Junco continues, also a Loggerhead Shrike continues on the coastal bluff.  Then I stopped at Ponto State Beach in Carlsbad to look through the gull flock, but there was nothing uncommon. I did fish the surf there for 1/2 hour and caught and released a 23" legal Halibut:)  After this I stopped by a couple small livestock corrals and then a few shopping mall parking lots looking through blackbirds, but nothing out of the ordinary to report.
On Wednesday (11/18), I visited both Upper and Lower Cottonwood Creek Parks in Encinitas where the only highlights were 2 Lawrence's Goldfinch and 8 American Goldfinch at the upper portion. While Lawrence's is always a treat near the coast, American Goldfinch are also really uncommon in this area, so also was a treat. I then went to Stagecoach Park in Carlsbad where a Red-breasted Nuthatch was foraging in the Tipu tree just east of the tennis court, and a "possible/probable" PACIFIC WREN was calling down in the drainage immediately north of the tennis courts. I did not see this bird and when I got my phone out to record the vocalization the bird went silent and I was unable to detect it again during my stay.  
Lastly, a "Sooty" Fox Sparrow showed up in my yard this evening (a yard bird for this subspecies). It was entertaining to see this bird foraging with a Hermit Thrush and Song Sparrow in close proximity with their similar color schemes.
Good Birding,
Jimmy McMorran
Leucadia, CA 

Good Birding,
Jimmy McMorran,
Leucadia, CA
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