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Possible Gray Flycatcher at Lower Cottonwood Creek

Possible Gray Flycatcher at Lower Cottonwood Creek
By – 9:27 am
Last Sunday (4/3) I had an unidentified flycatcher at the lower part of Cottonwood Creek Park in Encinitas. It was gray without any hints of green or brown, gray under the throat, a white eye ring, two wing bars, a lighter belly, and a yellow/orange lower bill. It sat out on two branches just north of the footbridge for several minutes, providing great views as it exhibited fly-catching behavior and flicked its tail downward. I 1) wished I didn’t hate carrying a camera so much and 2) eventually gave up on an ID. 
This past weekend, I saw Paul’s post about a gray flycatcher at Mount Soledad but didn’t think much of it until I heard other birders discussing the species’ downward tail dip on a bird walk on Sunday. I hadn’t previously considered a gray flycatcher given the coastal location, but after review of my notes and previous years’ eBird sightings in the larger vicinity it seems to be a possibility. 
If you’re birding in North County, please keep an eye out – I would love to hear if there are other sightings in the area.
Betsy Miller VixieOlivenhain