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Possible "Fuertes" Red-tailed Hawk, Marian Bear Canyon, July 1

Driving through Marian Bear Canyon at 7:15 yesterday evening, I saw an unusual RTHA sitting on a pole near the junction of Rte. 52 and Genesee Ave.
So unusual that I pulled off the road and snapped 3 cellphone photos from 100 yards away. They are terrible, but I think they are diagnostic.
I can send them to whomsoever wants to see them; write to me off-list.
Bird flew off to the east, towards Miramar landfill, Marine base, etc.
I have not looked for it today

Most notable feature of the bird was how white the breast and belly were. No belly band. At most a very faint suffusion of pale rusty marks.
There was a narrow vertical strip of fine reddish marking on the sides of the breast, but very faint and restricted to the sides.
The wings seem a bit longer relative to the tail than I expect in calurus.
Head was dark with a small, pale, buffy supercilium.
Could not see any epaulettes on the scapulars and wing coverts, so perhaps they had darker, less contrasting, edges than on calurus?

Totally out of range and out of season for fuertes, of which there are only a handful of San Diego records. But it didn't look like calurus to me, or like some kind of off-color individual.

Stan Walens, San Diego
July 2, 2019; 10:45 am
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports