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Possible Cassiar and Slate-colored Juncos at FRNC

Hi all,

At Fort Rosecrans late afternoon today, Sunday Oct. 28, at the pine trees near the second entrance from the north on the west side (south of the "dip" area), I saw a flock of mostly Oregon race Dark-sided Juncos. I briefly saw amid the flock one male that had a slate gray back and flanks with a sharp delineation between the back and a black head. I didn't notice any brown coloration. The birds were moving about quickly and I lost sight of the bird in question. A while later I went back to the same spot and found the juncos feeding on the ground, and while the light was poor I saw the same bird again. I also saw another bird that had no delineation between head and back, and the back, head, and flanks all appeared to be slate gray. Unfortunately the light was too low to get a photo, and some visitors to the cemetery walked through and the birds scattered.

Aaron Polichar
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports