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Point Loma 9-1-18

Trent Stanley & I birded several,spots along PL this morning , 9-1-18.
birds worth mentioning
A pair of white-breasted nuthatches in the area of the admin building.
yellow warbler
hermit warbler
Pac slope fly
warbling vireo
western wood-pewee
California thrasher
spotted towhee 6
chipping sparrow 

red-breasted nuthatch heard
hooded oriole family group (3)
western tanager

Tide Pools: (first parking area)
black oystercatcher 2
wandering tattler
(second parking area)
black turnstone 6
spotted peep 2

Upper Residential:
western tanager 3
hooded oriole 3

Eric Kallen
San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports