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Plumbeous Vireo continues at Ward Canyon Neighborhood Park

Same bird as I mentioned in a previous post, in which I described the location correctly, but named it incorrectly as "West Canyon Neighborhood Park."  Ward Canyon is an established hotspot.  I've changed my lists accordingly.  

The vireo was not as cooperative today, foraging high in a tree near the apartments on the southern border of the park.  With the adjoining school in session, the the small, conifer-edged ball field where I believe the bird spends most of its time, was locked.  It seems to be open on non-school days.

I get the impression we are between migrant waves again.  I saw no warblers there, save a single Orange-Crowned, and such birds seem to have moved on from my Hillcrest residence, too.

Tuck Russell
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports