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Plumbeous, 2 Hooded Orioles, 2 Summers, 2 more Nashvilles (record total), Pink-sided

Later yesterday, the 10th, I added another "Pink-sided" Junco–at Point Loma Nazarene Univ.–as well as yet another Wilson's Warbler in Point Loma residential (#28 for the winter in county) and yet another Nashville Warbler, on Yonge Street on Point Loma.

Today, the 11th, on private property in Chula Vista, there was a Plumbeous Vireo, a female Hooded Oriole, 2 Summer Tanagers (together), 4 Western Tanagers, and yet another Nashville Warbler, which brings this winter's NAWA total in the county to 21 individuals (!!), a new record (previous record was 16 birds in winter 2017-2018) . And then in residential Lincoln Park yet another female Hooded Oriole. Just 1 Western Tanager at Mount Hope Cemetery. It does seem that wintering orioles, tanagers, and scarce warblers really like the area between South San Diego and the border!

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports