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Pine Warbler continues at Nestor Park Oct 18

The Pine Warbler was seen around 8am this morning (Oct 18) and again around 9:30 in the previously reported area just south of the playground.  Initially it was flitting around in the ratty-looking trees (maybe Chinese Elms that aren't looking well) and then later it was seen in the Western fence line near the play area by Allen and Susan.  The park was very active with birds this morning.  Some of the more interesting birds included a Cassin's Vireo (both seen and calling), Warbling Vireo,  Bullock's Oriole, Western Tanagers, at least 2 Black-throated Gray Warblers and a possible Rose-ringed Parkeet.  Most of these other birds were seen on the North side (Tesoro Grove side of park.)
Marcie Mason

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports