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Pewee and Alder

2:43 pm

After reappearing a few minutes ago, the Eastern Wood Pewee was in view only for less than 5 minutes, called once or twice, and appears to have gone back down the hill, so obviously it’s being a pain now. But at least it’s still around. And the Alder type flycatcher has been endorsed as such based on photos by 4 or 5 very experienced birders from out of town , with the caveat, of course, that we really would like to hear it call. 

For those who cannot get here the rest of today but are interested in one or both of the birds, I and a number of other people are guaranteed to be here at dawn tomorrow morning so we will post update news as soon as possible once we have seen one or both or neither of these birds tomorrow morning and give people a heads up. 
Paul Lehman, San Diego