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Pelagic portion of San Diego CBC

Hello all,

I was admonished that I should get out a report on sightings for the pelagic portion of the San Diego Christmas count. Overall pretty lively for an area that generally struggles to get some of the regular local pelagic species. Remember this is all between Imperial Beach and the inside of Point Loma. and out only to the S.D.Buoy.
Most notable was the big movement of Loons. Two thousand plus plus, many at distances beyond our ability to I.D. Even with that, 1250 Pacific Loons, and 70 Common Loons were my high numbers of each in the 42-43 years I've done this area. We also recorded 21 Red-th. Loons, and another 900+ loon sp.
Western Grebes   1500 about the norm for this area
Surf Scoter   2000 likely more large swell kept us out of this zone
Black Scoter    1 female flying with Surf Scoters west of Attu Rd. area
Black-vented Shearwaters were in good numbers with 600.They were the only tube-noses we found.
Brown Booby   7   at bit tough to tell if we had repeaters, but we did see 4 in the air at one time. Others widely separate areas.
Masked Booby   1 subadult on Zuniga jetty. This bird refound by others most certainly the bird captured, taken to Sea World for rehab,and released this last week.
Pomarine Jaeger   3   Missed most years here, and second only to the 1981 count of 4
Parasitic Jaeger     6  second to 1987 count of 7
jaeger sp.    2
Black Oystercatcher   5    loafing together on Ballast Point
Surfbird       1     Zuniga jetty     a low number, but totally missed on 10 different year's count this area.
Bonaparte's Gull   3 rather low but not unusual.
Herring Gull  4   about normal here.
Misses – any alcid, again not that uncommon in this zone, as none found on 16 other years here.
No phalaropes , again not that unusual , missed on 22 years
Great marine mammal show with one Gray Whale, several Pacific White-sided Dolphins, 200+ Common Dolphin, Harbor Seal and California Sea Lions.
Dave Povey
p.s. Remember the SDFO traditional New Year's Day pelagic is coming up. Members and their guest sign up by sending $45 for each person to Barbara Carlson. the trip is 6 hrs, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and out of H&M landing, San Diego Bay. Do not call the landing.

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports