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Pelagic birds

I had a chance to hop aboard a small faster private boat today for a trip out San Diego bay. 

We went up the Nine Mile Bank then over to La Jolla canyon and Torrey Pines. 
Then back over to Point La Jolla and about 3 miles offshore back to Point Loma and San Diego bay. 

29 Cassins Auklet mostly Nine Mile Bank
45 Pacific Loons (including flock of 20 high over beach Scripps pier)
118 Black vented Shearwaters
2 Brown Booby (both appeared to be adult females, south end Nine Mile Bank, and within 2-3 miles of point la Jolla) 
4 Northern Fulmar outer edge Nine Mile Bank
1 Pomarine Jaeger Nine Mile Bank
1 Parasitic Jaeger Nearshore point loma
35 Bonaparte Gull (la Jolla) 
Hundreds of western grebes along shore (2 Clark's) 
500 Brandt's cormorants each at bait tanks and la Jolla cove. 
1 Murrelet (Scrippss/Craveris/Guadalupe) not Marbled or Ancient.  Couldn't get look at under wing or face. Only about 2 miles past whistle buoy or 4 miles from point loma.
No whales or porpoises. 
No murres.
A beautiful day on the ocean. 
Greg Gillson 

Greg Gillson
Escondido, California
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports