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Passerine migration at Desert View Picnic Area, Laguna Mts.

1:33 pm

Had a smokin’ hour of birding at Desert View Picnic Area this morning.  In an hour’s stationary count, from about 08:00-09:00, I had 222 migrant passerines.  Challenging views, as most birds came up the slope from the east, hit the pine forest about canopy level, and continued flying west through the pine canopy, out of view.  Mostly 30-100 m away.  Sunny, high 50s, steady breeze from the west.  This is not the first time I’ve seen a significant flight of passerine migrants at Desert View PA, but I’ve never birded there more than once in a given spring migration.

eBird Checklist – 7 May 2024 – Laguna Mtns.–Desert View Picnic Grounds – 28 species (+4 other taxa)

Also had a late Swainson’s Hawk in the Lagunas later this morning.
John Martin