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Paso Picacho / Stonewall Mine – Indigo and Bald Eagle

Hey everybody,

I went camping at Paso Picacho Friday through this afternoon and am happy to report I found the Indigo Bunting exactly where Nancy reported it, on the slope past the bathroom of the group campsite. It was singing VERY loudly (drowning out the other birds really) and changing bushes often. That was Friday afternoon, on Saturday morning I could hear it again but it was much further up the hill out of view from the trail and I was unable to find it.  I also had the happy surprise of seeing Lake Cuyamaca's Bald Eagle while hiking the Stonewall Mine trail. He was sitting in a very good spot where the trail comes close to the lake itself.
If anyone would like to see photos they are on my checklists below: – Indigo Bunting – Bald Eagle
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports