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Palomar updates

Four of us ventured forth to the Palomar area today. At the entrance to the State Park (where you fill out the little envelope) we had at least 2 Golden-crowned Kinglets in an oak tree with big clumps of mistletoe. The same tree also had at least 2 Cassin’s Finches – same area I saw them a few days ago. A small flock was seen flying off from that tree, which may also have been CAFI.

At the Doane Pond parking area, a flock of 22 Red Crossbills were seen in flight, moving towards the pond.

On the Nature Trail, the Pacific Wren continued between posts 9 and 10. It was very uncooperative and not even one bad photo was taken much less any good ones! A small flock of at least 8 Red Crossbills was seen in that same area flying into the top of a tall tree with tight clusters of cones at the very top (?Douglas Fir?). Looking up later we saw dozens of snowflakes twirling down, which turned out to be the papery “wing” that attaches to the seeds of cones. Realizing that this was from the feeding activity of the crossbills, we also observed the snow showers from another nearby tree. There must have been many more crossbills than we saw. They were silent for the most part.


At Lake Henshaw we found a group of white geese – 6 were Snow and two were Ross’s.


Nancy Christensen



Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports