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Palomar Mountain

I noted a few birds on East Grade Road on Palomar Mountain yesterday that may be of interest to
those of us that live in the far north.
Williamson's Sapsucker, adult male in the wooded draw east of the Pacheco Memorial (about
1.9 miles east of the intersection with South Grade Road).  You can park at the memorial and walk
east 0.25 mi. to the hairpin curve which passes through the woods.  The bird was at the west end
of the woods close to where a dirt road leads to the right off of East Grade.
Mountain Bluebird, eight at the far east end of Dyche Valley.  Many Western Bluebirds to sort through
in the grasslands.  A scope would help.  You can probably park near the only barn in the area (on the
right as you drive east, about 4.1 mi. east of the South Grade intersection), but do not block the
access road.  All of the land at this location is private property.
The stands of cherries along the road as it passes through Dyche Valley attracted many Phainopeplas
and Purple Finches.  A Golden Eagle also frequents this spot.
Ken Weaver

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports