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Painted Bunting, Lucy’s and Tennessee warblers – Nobel Park Tipus

11:02 am

This morning both the Painted Bunting and Lucy’s Warblers continued, and apparently the Tennessee Warbler was seen briefly as well (in the tipus near the backstop next to the southwest parking lot). One of the Lucy’s was seen in tipus on the edge of the dog park early on but was not definitively refound before I left at around 10:45. 

The Painted Bunting was first seen early on at the zigzagging paths heading up to the northeast parking lot, then was refound at multiple locations throughout the morning including on the brushy hillside below the northern entrance road, in weeds on the west side of the library, and in weeds along the entrance to the southwest parking lot. It does not move that much but apparently it feeds at a lot of different places throughout the park. 

– Tim Swain