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Painted Bunting community gardens

I headed over to the Community gardens off of Hollister this afternoon to look for the Painted Bunting.  Is this a new bird?  It’s not listed on eBird and I don’t recall anyone reporting it before today, but the gardeners here claim it’s been around for a couple of months.  Is there some better way to stay current on rare birds?

I did see the bird briefly as it flew between yards a couple of times, this was the male.  It was in stall 82 for a bit but under cover.  When I did see it, it was between stalls 67 and 97 as reported earlier.  
There was a Northern Cardinal that made several appearances in the area as well.  
At sunset ball fields the male Vermilion was active in the yellow flowering trees and eastern most fields as well.
Roger Uzun
Poway Ca

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports