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Pacific Wren – Palomar State Park

The Pacific Wren was seen again today (Nov 26) near Post 10 along the Doane Nature Trail in Palomar State Park. Once again found first by ear, then seen quite closely as it foraged through the debris left by a fallen tree. Overall the mountains were far less birdy than a week ago. There has been some rain and there is more water available for the wildlife, so perhaps there was no concentration of life near the few puddles that were there during my last visit.

Briefly scoped Lake Hensahw, but had trouble with windy conditions moving the scopes. There was a large flock of Canada Geese, a flock of about 40 Greater White-fronted Geese, and at least 4 large white geese. Based on their size, Mel and I assume they were Snow Geese. There were numerous ducks present, but as I said, viewing was difficult and we didn’t even submit a checklist.


Nancy Christensen



Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports