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Pacific Wren at Palomar

Found a Pacific Wren on the Nature Trail near Doane Pond in Palomar State Park. Bird was giving double chip notes. When I finally saw it, it was across the streambed on the hillside. This was at post 9 where a tiny trickle of water crosses the trail. The bird eventually came down and drank at the small puddle in the streambed, then retreated back up onto the hillside. The stream is essentially dry on the upper portion. Several birds came down to the little puddle while I tried to get recordings and images of the Wren. Unfortunately I seem to have dropped my credit card and Costco card along the trail, and I am guessing it was probably there as I juggled camera and phone trying for pics and recordings ? if anyone goes up there, please keep your eyes open!

At Doane Pond, I heard what I believe to be an Evening Grosbeak. The bird flushed and flew away without my ever laying eyes on it. The call was a shrill tee-oo, with no trill notes. The phone app has the trill notes with it, which gives me some doubts. I went back after doing the trail and just sat around for a bit, but did not hear or see anything. I put it on my checklist with a zero just to help raise awareness it may be there.

Nancy Christensen

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.
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