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Pacific golden-plover Tijuana Estuary 8-2-18

I apologize for delayed posting, but fighting computer problems…
Yesterday (8-2-18), Lea Squires, Janne Torres, & I observed a Pacific golden-plover foraging along the wrackline about midway south along the beach from Seacoast Dr. to the south end of the barrier dune.  It was initially seen at 1:36 pm just as it flushed and its distinctive high-pitched "twee-weep" call was heard.  As it flew south past us, a few dark spots were visible on underparts but axillaries were clear & gold spangling clearly visible on back & upper wings. It landed on the beach to the west of the south end of the barrier dune and was feeding among a couple of willets.
If searching for this bird, please bear in mind that non-flying snowy plover chicks are still in the area and are frequently on the beach outside of the protected fenced nesting area, so if you notice an alert or displaying adult, please back off along the waterline.
Also in the area were a reddish egret and at least one of the over-summering red-breasted mergansers. Gull-billed tern with fledglings were foraging along the beach as well.
Robert Patton
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports