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Pacific Beach – photos Broad-winged Hawk, 03 May 2020

I posted some photos of the immature light-morph BROAD-WINGED HAWK at the eBird link below.  Seen about 8:15 AM.  I had been sitting on my deck drinking coffee and looking for possibly an early swift or some interesting hawk to go by.  My attention was drawn to this small Buteo because it appeared in an area which the local Red-shouldered Hawks almost never venture, I believe possibly due to the nearby nesting Red-tails.

It appeared suddenly just west of my position, flapping around in tight circles gaining elevation.  So low in fact that several Anna's Hummingbirds shot up in the air to mob it as it circled.  Once it gained a bit of elevation then flew almost straight at me and overhead — see photos!  Last seen circling high and drifting north.  

Gary Nunn
Pacific Beach

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports