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Pacific Beach – Broad-billed Hummingbird, 01 October 2020

The hummingbird gods looked down on me this evening!  After many months of refilling an array of hummingbird feeders I was standing next to them this evening when an immature male BROAD-BILLED HUMMINGBIRD appeared right in front of me!  Flicking its larger dark tail, and looking mostly all dark, had me transfixed immediately!  I was actually carrying my camera, as you do, and got some OK photos.  It returned about every 5-10 minutes from first sighting at 5:43pm until dusk and after repositioning myself for better lighting I got some nice photos.  It was not particularly afraid of the other hummingbirds, a rowdy bunch, and allowed a quite close approach.

Photos on eBird checklist here
If anyone wants to take a look for it I will be checking early in the morning and can let you know.  Drop me an email offline.  Bringing a mask and standing space in the back garden would be OK with us through a side gate.

Gary Nunn
Pacific Beach

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports