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Orchard Oriole, more on KAY and Sunday pelagic trip

Orchard Oriole, more on KAY and Sunday pelagic trip
By – 3:33 pm

This morning, 8 Sep, there was a slight uptick in the number of western migrants on outer Point Loma, where the dominant species were Western Tanager (10) and Pacific-slope Flycatcher (7), with lesser numbers of miscellanea, including Swainson’s Thrush. The one rarity there was a bright yellow Orchard Oriole, in the company of a Bullock’s. (I did a post a number of days ago about the difficulty separating Orchard from juvenile Hooded Orioles at this time of year, so am happy to say that this bird was very bright lemon-yellow, was noticeably smaller than the Bullock’s next to it, and it had a short, straightish bill that was entirely grayish, showing none of the fleshy-horn tones to the base that juv Hoodeds show.)

Tropical system KAY is pretty much on track to arrive tomorrow and Saturday with strong easterly winds and variable amounts of rain. Still looks like frigatebirds could be a possibility, but that otherwise the winds will be in an offshore direction. But even strong easterly winds and rain certainly could drop over-flying migrant waterbirds on inland lakes.

The marine forecast for Sunday has actually even improved slightly since yesterday, with the swell forecast now down to 3-4 feet. Quite a difference from what the conditions will likely be on Saturday !!

For those on the SUNDAY pelagic, an update will likely be posted in the PM tomorrow, and if needed on Saturday as well. As in all of our recent pelagic trips, we depart out of Mission Bay on “Legacy” at 7AM, so folks should arrive at the dock no later than 6:15 AM to check in at the office and then come outside and join the group and sign the manifest. The usual rule about parking only right in front of the Seaforth building or out on the street. Perhaps there will be fewer fisherman vehicles parked because any overnight trip the day or two before will presumably have been canceled!

–Paul Lehman, San Diego