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Openings and closures

Russ and I did a drive this weekend. I was HOPING Agua Caliente County Park would be open. Alas, it is NOT. The entire access road is blocked off.  

**Anza-Borrego State Park is still essentially closed – all trailheads and parking areas are blocked off.


In the Lagunas – a few spots are beginning to open up.

**Gate to Desert View Rd (where the Dusky Flycatchers have been found) is now open – road may need a 4WD. The nearby parking are, RedTail Roost, is OPEN for parking so you can walk in.

**Wooded Hills Rd is CLOSED (Agua Dulce Trailhead). Nearby parking at Morris Ranch RD is OPEN. However, on the weekend there were many many mountain bikers who came up and used that parking. Go early if you plan to visit.

** Mile 19 was marked CLOSED, but many people were parking there anyway. Be warned, tickets were being issued.

**Desert View Picnic area CLOSED.

**Visitor Center CLOSED. A group of motorcycles broke down the barrier to go in, however, I believe the bathrooms were locked.

**Pioneer Mail Picnic area – CLOSED.

**Filaree Flats Rd (Pine Creek Rd) – gate is OPEN. I went in and birded a bit. There were large dump trucks coming and going, so I assume road work is happening somewhere.

**Fire Pullout – has never been closed. A few Purple Martins were flying around.

**Some other trail heads are open, some are closed. Seemed pretty random to me.




Nancy Christensen



Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports