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Olive-sided Flycatcher visible from Marcy Park

Olive-sided Flycatcher visible from Marcy Park
By – 3:26 pm
There appears to be an Olive-sided Flycatcher visible from the NW corner of Marcy Park in University City, looking north-northeast towards the dead snags with houses behind.  Saw it about 2:30pm.  This is what I posted on e-bird:
Brownish flycatcher with white front framed by dark vest. Sat in or
near top of tall dead snag flycatching and returning to same or nearby
location. Somewhat larger than hummingbird and smaller than Cassin’s
Kingbird which were near the subject bird. The location of the bird is
here 32.8456, -117.2262. It was observed from the sidewalk in the NW
corner of Marcy Park looking across the small canyon (part of Rose
Canyon Open Space Park) towards the houses to the north-northeast. It
was easily visible at first without binoculars because it was prominent
high up on the bare snag. I wonder if this might be the same
individual which wintered in the area in 2021, which as far as I know
had not been relocated this winter. This bird might also be visible
from Nansen Avenue as it was in the dead snags behind the houses.No pictures. Charley HerzfeldUniversity City