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Olive Sided Flycatcher at Scissors Crossing

Yesterday morning I tried for the Brown Crested Flycatcher seen at Scissors Crossing.  I dipped on that bird, but I found a local vagrant Olive-Sided Flycatcher instead. eBird justifiably flagged it as rare, and indeed, the SD Bird Atlas contains no reports for there, either.  The nearest known location for them is the Volcan Mountain area, several miles back up Banner Grade.  Perhaps a migrating bird that started slightly off course.  I'd be surprised if it stayed.  Definitive photos were obtained, one showing the distinctive dorsal white patch, and are in my checklist:

Fleeing the heat, I went to look for Dusky Flycatcher and previously reported Indigo Bunting along the California Riding and Hiking trail east of Paso Picacho CG.  Dipped on those birds, too.  I actually parked at Trout Pond trailhead, and the first thing I saw was a White Tailed Kite foraging across the road, basing operations in the lone large snag there.  I have photos if documentation is needed.  It surprised me to see one this high up, but per the SD Bird Atlas, this is the one area in the county where they do occur at that altitude.  Indeed, a search of eBird showed that Terry Hurst reported one about four months ago at Lake Cuyamaca.

Tuck Russell
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports