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offshore waters

3:04 pm

For quite some time now (over a month) there have been very few birds offshore for the first 8-15 miles out–as far as the outer edge of the Nine-mile Bank. Bird numbers pick up somewhat beyond that. Thus, the waters visited by the whale-watching boats have been depauperate of birds for a long time now. This, of course, doesn’t mean that such trips are not worth taking, as you just never know what you might see. And at some point (hopefully!) numbers of birds in these inshore waters will improve. But for those contemplating such a trip, be aware that numbers are currently indeed very low. But at least the whale-watching has been good for Blue Whales!
Farther offshore, yesterday (12th) there were an “early arriving” one-year-old Parasitic Jaeger in the San Diego Trough and a one-year-old Long-tailed Jaeger along the inner edge of the 30-Mile Bank. This is a somewhat early date for both, although both these birds, given their age, may just be wandering around somewhat aimlessly.
–Paul Lehman, San Diego