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Offshore trip #414 a repeat of last week: 2 masked boobies still present

2:04 pm

Hornblower headed directly south from the harbor. We never got ever 2 feet west of the tip of Pt. Loma.

Headed straight south 4.5 miles where we came across a feeding pod of common dolphins with a lot of birds working the area.
Masses of black-vented shearwaters: I counted 5 for sure, but there may even have been as many as 6!
But both masked boobies were in the flock; one of the SDNHM docents was able to snap a few photos of the subadult.
She said that the boobies had been first sighted almost a month ago and that there are photos from then.
We then head another 3 miles south, to just north of the Mexico/U.S. border, but birds were sparse.
Otherwise, little else. A single sooty shearwater, 1 Cassin’s auklet, 2 more black-vented shearwaters.
We spent the bulk of the trip in that one little area trying to see how slowly the boat could move while we were following whales, so no chance to head out to sea to birdier areas.
In non-bird news: yesterday afternoon, the Privateer trip came across the pod of orcas trying to predate an adult gray whale.
A gazillion photos and videos were taken.
The boat was about 8 miles off of Mission Bay at the time.
We all wish we had been on that trip.
Stan Walens, San Diego
January 27, 2024; 2:00 pm

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