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Oceanside Common Tern and Ancient Murrelet and Long tailed duck; Escondido

8:14 am

First thing Wednesday morning, I was up around Oceanside harbor and Pier and had a casual in winter common tern flying around just off the beach starting out just north of the pier and then ended up at the mouth of the harbor. I don’t know where it went from there. Anybody in the area the next few days be on the lookout for any smallish tern and give it a good look. A quick check of the harbor did not produce ancient Murrelet but then I had one in flight plop in the ocean just on the north side of the pier about a third of the way out, as visible with a scope from shore. The Long tailed duck discovered yesterday by Barbara Swanson continues about 200 yards north of the pier and only a short ways out beyond the breakers, all by itself rather than mixing in with the flocks of surf scoters present nearby.

Yesterday I did a little bit of scouting in the Escondido area for the upcoming CBC and had a total of six western tanagers which is a high winter count for that far inland. I also had a swinhoes white eye in Escondido which is the farthest inland I’ve ever seen one.
Paul Lehman, San Diego