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Oceanside CBC, preliminary results

Oceanside CBC, preliminary results
By {authorlink} – 2:40 pm

Thank you to the participants of the Oceanside area Christmas Bird Count on December 30, and to those who have posted their rarities. As of today, at least 180 species have been reported. Approximately 98 participants helped search our circle, which included Camp Pendleton to the north, Batiquitos Lagoon to the south, parts of San Marcos to the east, and off the coast to the west. Many thanks to Paul Lehman for conducting the compilation meeting. We extend our thanks as well to Buena Vista Audubon Society for providing a delicious lunch and for hosting the compilation!

Highlights include: 

Snow Goose- Oceanside Golf Course

Greater White-fronted Goose: Batiquitos, Lake San Marcos

Wood Duck: Anstine Audubon Nature Preserve, Whelan Lake

Common Goldeneye: Batiquitos, Buena Vista Lagoon 

Hooded Merganser: Anstine Audubon Nature Preserve, Batiquitos Lagoon, Leo Carillo  Red-breasted Merganser: Batiquitos, Agua Hedionda, Pelagic 

White-winged Dove: Poinsettia Park

Costa’s Hummingbird: La Costa Resort

Pelagic species: Red-necked Grebe, Cassin’s Auklet (1), Rhinoceros Auklet (5), Scripps Murrelet (1), Sooty Shearwater (2), Pink-footed Shearwater (5)

Pacific-slope Flycatcher: Carlsbad

Vermillion Flycatcher: Camp Pendleton, Bonsall

Loggerhead Shrike: Camp Pendleton

Golden-crowned Kinglet: Buddy Todd Park

Red-breasted Nuthatch: Carlsbad

Rock Wren: Gopher Canyon 

Canyon Wren: Gopher Canyon

American Robin: An astonishing number of over 2,500

Purple Finch: Leo Carillo

Fox Sparrow: Batiquitos, Whelan Lake

Slate-colored Dark-eyed Junco

White-Throated Sparrow: Aviara Golf Club

Hooded Oriole: La Costa Omni

American Redstart: Chase Field

Nashville Warbler: Carlsbad Outlets

Tennessee Warbler: Carlsbad Outlets

Yellow Warbler: Oceanside, Mira Costa College 

Black-and-White Warbler: Carlsbad

Western Wanager: Poinsettia Park

Summer Wanager: Hosp Grove,  Vista

We apologize for any errors or omissions. We wish you a very Happy New Year!

Patti Langen and Jane Mygatt