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Northern ParulaS and Sandhill Crane

6:42 am

Previous email sent out prematurely, sorry.

I believe there are two different ones in the two different areas that people have seen them and I do not think they are the same birds. The first one that was seen over by the chicken coop is lighter gray overall. Has a lighter chestnut breast patch and no rust smudge near the shoulder. Has no white extending from eyering to bill but instead very dark feathers from eyering to bill. Also appears to have more of a green crown. Whereas the other darker gray bird that is seen further down by the green foot bridge, has a deeper darker chestnut breast patch with a smudge of chestnut on the left side of the breast. It also has white extending from the eyering to the bill. And the crown looks gray. 

If you go looking for them, please specify which one you are reporting for the reviewers and where you found it. 

Sandhill Crane>the bird moves around in the field and is EASILY overlooked. Blends in and crouches low in the weeds. 

Sally Veach-O’side