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Northern Parula, Bank Swallow, and miscellanea Sunday

8:43 am

Sunday morning the 1st, there is a Northern Parula associated with a flock of about a dozen warblers working all the many tipu trees in the parking lot for the Las Americas Mall in San Ysidro. Mostly Yellow rumps with a few Orange crowneds and a Yellow also in this flock. When last seen they were in trees in front of the Tommy Hilfiger store. Nearby, there are two Wood Ducks on the eastern Dairy Mart pond, and a Bank swallow in a flock of Barns and Trees farther to the south. On the 30th, there was still a Solitary Sandpiper at the southern Dairy Mart Pond, as well as a Vesper Sparrow at the community gardens. Earlier today, still two adult Neotropic Cormorants and a Wilson’s Snipe at the upper end of Sweetwater Reservoir.

Paul Lehman, San Diego