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north county misc 1/11/21

This morning at San Elijo Lagoon, Steve Perry & Lori Chamberlain reported the continuing male Eurasian wigeon in the channel about midway across the basin to the NNE of Rios Ave, and one brant farther to the ENE (rare in N County despite very common on Mission & SD Bay).  Eve Martin & Rob Farber reported an immature yellow-crowned night-heron roosting in a palm on the channel shore WNW of the nature center.  At least one male greater scaup continued just east of the freeway.
One male and three female hooded mergansers continue in lower San Dieguito Park.  At upper San Dieguito Park, the continuing male black-throated gray warbler was seen but the Lucy's warbler was not re-found.
At least one of the female vermilion flycatchers continues at the west end of the pastures scope-able from the Rancho Santa Fe Plaza/Firenze Restaurant parking lot NW of La Bajada bridge.
At least one female yellow-headed blackbird continues among the red-winged & starling flock SW of the intersection of Via de la Valle and Calzada del Bosque, shifting back & forth between the utility lines & the freshly turned portions of the ag fields.  This afternoon, very few Canada geese were visible in the San Dieguito Rd horse pastures & none at the polo or soccer fields; no snow or white-fronted were re-found.
R. Patton
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports