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Nocturnal migration – Swainson's Thrush, April 22, 2019

I have been doing a bit of nocturnal migrant audio recording lately, to get a gauge on what is going overhead at night here in Pacific Beach.  Yesterday April 22, 2019 late evening I heard the first Swainson's Thrushes moving overhead emitting their characteristic "spring peeper frog" like calls.  Quite a number on the overnight recording track.  Breezy mixed up airflow nights are the best conditions for listening for nocturnal migrants, last night was quite good with a haul of different species.  One persistent problem for audio is the continuous singing of Northern Mockingbird at all hours of the night!  Their favorite mimicry seems to be car alarms and electronic car locking beeps in my neighborhood but they have everything in their repertoire.
Looking in eBird this appears to be the first report of Swainson's Thrush this spring, but only by a gnat's whisker as Matt Sadowski recorded one calling overhead after midnight.
Looking back on a few earlier years in spring 2017 my first detection of this species was April 25, and in 2016 was April 29.

Gary Nunn
Pacific Beach

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports