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8:48 am

Hello San Diego Birders, 

This list was kind enough to help me with locations when I visited two summers ago. I am returning to San Diego in late February will be staying with my brother for a five weeks so I’ll have lots of time to focus on birding and bird photography! I have used eBird to come up with a list of local lakes and beaches within about 30 minutes of Robb field but I was wondering if anyone could recommend places that I would be able to get eye level to take photos. I would love to see hooded mergansers, surf scoters, buffleheads, grebes etc and of course any waders and shorebirds. At home I have to set up a blind before sunrise for a chance to photograph ducks as they are very skittish. For shorebirds I just pick a spot, get low and then just wait for the birds. Will that lay down and wait strategy work in general for wintering ducks in San Diego or will a blind be necessary or does it depend on the location? My preference would be for locations with less people when possible. Any info you can share I would appreciate as well as info on tides and time of day where applicable. Also I would love to take a whale watching tour. Is there a way to determine if the companies offering the tours are ethical and don’t cause distress to the whales? Any other recommendations for my visit would be appreciated. I love to hike and it seems there are many great trails that allow dogs as my puppy will be with me for the trip as well. I would love to see quail and roadrunner and barn owls. Please feel free to contact me off list. 

Thanks in advance. 

Happy birding, 


Moscow Mills, MO