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new Tennessee warbler, lovey-dovey White-winged Doves

9:42 am

Tuesday morning, there is a new Tennessee Warbler present, the 3rd this month already, this one moving around the Bird and Butterfly Garden and first spotted by the Beeves. Last seen leaving the garden, but hopefully it will return. Immediately to the north, in the willow trees between the B&B and the Community Gardens (and viewed only from the latter), the fairly long-staying, calling White-winged Dove has now had a second bird join it. We will see if love is in the air and if any nesting is attempted, which would be the first nesting record for coastal San Diego County, although as many of you know, they are spreading slowly but steadily westward and now are found regularly in the Ramona area and San Pasqual Valley, and there’s even one or two residents at El Monte County Park near Lakeside.

Also still present today is the Laughing Gull west of Ponyland in the TRV. And a flock of Bonapartes Gulls at the J Street mudflats continues to grow in size and today was up to 29 birds. Dominant landbird migrants today appeared to be Western Flycatcher and Western Kingbird and Western Tanager, with scattered other species in very small numbers as well. 
Paul Lehman, San Diego