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New Tennessee Warbler appears at Botanic Garden, Monday Jan 3

New Tennessee Warbler appears at Botanic Garden, Monday Jan 3
By – 6:59 pm

  I saw a Tennessee Warbler above the Lawn House Patio in the Botanic Garden around 9am, with quite a few Yellow-rumps, Townsends, Orange-crowneds and RC Kinglets.  It was during the monthly San Diego Botanic Garden Bird Walk.  Rob Farber also looked and described a similar bird after I had to move on to catch up with the  group.  The maturing Tipu trees in the Hamilton Garden were also very birdy.  We did not refind the Green-tailed Towhee in the Native Garden that Gretchen Nell and Manolo Turner saw on  the RSF CBC, but then we had a lot of people on the walk, and this bird is quite shy. 

    Description of the Tennesee Warbler: Plump, short-tailed warbler with dusky eye stripe and whitish supercilium. Grayish crown with tinges of olive in some light,  olive back and wings  with faint narrow yellowish  wingbars. A yellow flush on face, throat and upper breast and yellowish flanks; plain white belly and  bright white undertail coverts that looked long compared to the shortness of the tail.  

Susan Smith 

Seiurus Biological  Consulting 

Del Mar, CA 


— Susan SmithSeiurus Biological ConsultingDel Mar, CA