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new Red-eyed Vireo at San Dieguito Co. Park

1:03 pm

Mid-morning Friday, there was a Red-eyed Vireo at the top of the hill in the upper section of San Dieguito County Park in Solana Beach/Rancho Santa Fe. The bird started out in the larger eucalyptus, loosely associated with a mixed flock comprising almost 10 Orange-crowneds, 2 Townsend’s, a kinglet, and 1-2 Western Tanagers. The bird appeared to fly a ways off to the east, possibly even out of the park, into an area with only fairly sterile-looking eucs, along with a few members of the flock, whereas the rest of the flock stayed on the hill in the eucs and in tipus on southeast flank of hill. Hopefully it will return…. The grove of tipus lower down next to the tot lot–where plenty of good birds were found the past couple years–continue slow this fall, with only a couple regular warblers present today.
Paul Lehman, San Diego